Higher Vibration Healing


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    -John Lennon

Jennifer is a committed Energy Healer through shamanic techniques, crystal healing and sound therapy.  She is also a reiki master and uses that as a tool for her shamanic work.  Jen has been fortunate enough to have trained in some prominent foundations  

and in Peru, where she worked with Alta Messiah Shamans.  Many years ago, she came down with an auto immune disease that left her needing surgery and medication for the rest of her life.  She has since cured herself through energy work, off all medications and surgery free.  Proof that energy work is extremely powerful and can be effective.  Jen was able to leave the past behind her and move forward in a happier and healthier way. She wishes to bring health, wealth and prosperity to all.  Jen resides in Newburyport, Ma and is dedicated to helping people live the lives they deserve.